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The Efon-Alaaye Development League formerly known as Efon-Alaaye Improvement League from its birth in around 1947 until the early 2000s has come a long way as the umbrella Socio-cultural and development organization for all Efon Alaaye indigenes at home and everywhere on the face of the earth.

The Improvement League itself was a metamorphosis and amalgamation of various community-spirited elite groups formed in the major cities from the 1930s through to the 1940s. These include the “Brotherhood of Elites”, “Efon Progressive Union” and others who came together in August of 1947 to form what was named The Efon-Alaaye Improvement League after the “League of Nations” of 1945.

Efon Alaaye

Efon-Alaaye is an ancient Yoruba town in the present day Ekiti State of the Southwestern part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The hilly community, which founding dated back to the 12th century, is the headquarter of the Efon Local Government Area, being one of the 774 third-tier of government as recognized by the Nigerian constitution.

The illustrious people of Efon Alaaye are predominantly farmers and skilled artisans/artists, who are naturally industrious and endowed. The seemingly temperate climate in a tropical belt allows for the cultivation of cash crops like kolanuts, cocoa, and palm trees; the hills/spur settlement is also reknown for the cultivation of major food products like yam, rice, cassava, maize, and variety of fruits. The economy of Efon people is more influenced by the neighboring Ijesha people of Osun State with whom they shared boundary in the south.

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